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About KinderGolf®

KinderGolf grooms the next generation of golfers so they can become golf champions and achievers in life. We provide a unique chidren golf instructional environment—one that is fun, safe, creative and sensitive to the needs of every child.

Excelling, on and off the course

All KinderGolfers are taught solid golf fundamentals, proper golf etiquette, rules and respect for the game. At the same time, we also nurture important mental and life skills like discipline, focus, confidence, and integrity as part of their learning.

Teaching the flexible, personal way

We treat each KinderGolfer as a unique individual with his or her own learning styles and needs. Our teaching is paced to suit the learning speed and skill level of each child.

Nurturing future champions

Many KinderGolfers have developed enduring passion for the game, going on to play in golf competitions and representing their schools and clubs from as young as 4 years old.

Founder & CEO

KinderGolf was started by Ms. Donna Lee as a culmination of her passion to groom the next generation of golfers and her extensive golf instructional experience.

Ms. Lee’s passion of golf was kindled in the early 90s with lessons from world-renowned golf teachers from Australia and the United States. She has since participated in numerous golf workshops, focusing on the mental and nutritional aspects of the game.

Ms. Lee has completed her NEP modules with the US Ladies Professional Golf Association (Teaching & Club Professionals Division) and is also a Board Member of the Spirit of Golf Foundation in the United States.